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AROMANNA™ Rose Bakhoor

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AROMANNA’s Rose Bakhoor (Dhoop Incense) for electric incense burner- 50 grams

AROMANNA™ presents the age old process of bakhoor/ incense compounds for making our surrounding fragrance with your modern electric bakhoor burners.


AROMANNA’s Rose Bakhoor for electric incense burner- 50 grams

About Bakhoor

Making our surroundings full with such aromas by incense/ bakhoor, is an age old process. There are some plants which have aroma in their wood chips. Such wood chips when submerged in natural fragrance oils then after mixed with natural resins and essential oils from aromatic flowers, tree extracts, leaves & barks, they become a high grade fragrance compound known as incense/ bakhoor, to create loving & pleasing aroma in your surroundings.

AROMANNA™ presents the same age old process of bakhoor/ incense compounds for making our surrounding fragrance with modern techniques. It can be used with your modern electric bakhoor burners.

How to use;

Can be used with electric incense burners. Put a small amount of bakhoor (say 1-2 grams) on the top steel plate, switch on the button for about 20-25 minutes and enjoy the fragrance of your choice,

Switch off the button in 25 minutes to avoid over heating of the burner or if the bakhoor compound gets over; whichever is first. You can again switch on the button after an hour or whenever you need to intense the fragrance.

One 20 mins burn of bakhoor may last up to 120-180 mins in closed surrounding of 200-300 sq feet area.

When and where to use;

All men & women who love aromatic surroundings, they would love to use these bakhoors.

It can be used daily or occasionally as per your choices. Now days, we invite a lot of guests during social gathering events like wedding, birthdays etc and we put our best effort to make the events memorable forever. You can add these bakhoor to add warmth and wonderful memories with your guests. Its a smoke free incense.

Being portable in size and simple to use, it can be used to make our surroundings full of aroma or eradicate bad odours from our surroundings such as home, study rooms, kitchen, washrooms, offices, restaurants, showrooms, and so on. It works with electric burners.

Please note: Precautions should be taken with persons/ kids having breathing problems and allergies with any materials.

Packaging: It comes in a wonderful light weight aluminium packaging box with air tight liner which keeps the camphor safe from evaporation. The box can be reused for keeping small valuables like Jewelries, Pen Drives, SIM or SD Cards, portable Head Phones etc
The dimensions and total weight of the product including courier packaging is different.

Made in India

Additional information

Weight175 g
Dimensions10 × 10 × 7 cm


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