Indian Cow Dung (Gomay) Deepak

Add some colour to your living area with traditional and colourful Indian cow dung Deepak/ diyas. These eco-friendly, sustainable diyas infuse your house with spirituality and culture while being made with love and enthusiasm. Each lamp carries elements of ancient Indian culture.

AUTHENTIC INDIAN: True to historical methods passed down from generation to generation, our colourful Indian Cow Dung Deepaks are skillfully created by artisans using small moulds. Every Diya is a work of art that exhibits the highest grade of craftsmanship.

SUSTAINABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Protect the environment while soaking up its warmth. Indian cow dung, Multani mitti, Gwar gum, and biodegradable colours are used to create a product that is completely biodegradable and safe for the environment. By selecting these Diyas, you will consciously choose sustainability.

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE: Indian culture lends lighting diyas, an abundance of spiritual significance. The gentle radiance of these Deepaks is believed to ward off negative energies and invoke positivity, peace, and prosperity in your home.

AESTHETICALLY APPEALING: The colourful Indian Cow Dung Deepak adds an authentic and ethnic touch to any decor with its beautiful colours and earthy feel filling your house with a calming aura. These diyas instantly improve the ambiance, whether they are utilised for Diwali, regular routines, significant occasions, or joyful celebrations.

Gir Cow

IDEAL GIFTING OPTION: Give these diyas to your loved ones as a way to share the happiness and spirituality of Indian customs. They are a beautiful and heartfelt gift that is appropriate for any event, including Diwali, housewarming, and festivals.


  1. Put the Indian Cow Dung Deepak away from combustible things like cloths, curtains, wood, fuel etc, on a firm surface.
  2. Use the designated cavity to add oil or ghee to the diya.
  3. Making sure the cotton wick is completely submerged and placed at the center of the cavity, place it into the oil or ghee.
  4. Carefully ignite the wick with a match or a lighter.
  5. Enjoy the Diya’s meditative and holy radiance and take in its spiritual aura.

NOTE: Please take note that because each Indian Cow Dung Deepak is handcrafted, there may be slight variations in colour and pattern.

Rekindle the magic of ancient Indian traditions and elevate the ambiance of your home with colourful Indian Cow Dung Deepak. Immerse yourself in its divine radiance and make a positive impact on both your surroundings and the environment. Illuminate your life with the essence of culture and spirituality through this exquisite Diyas.

Inflammable Material: Keep it away from flammable items like fuel, clothing, wood, plastic, and other similar items.

Made in India

Cow Dung Diya